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School of Criminal Justice & 社会科学

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Prepare for careers of service and helping others

The Tiffin University School of Criminal Justice & 社会科学 prepares students who feel called to careers of service and helping others. Blending academic theory with practitioner experience, our professional education is led by faculty who have worked in all levels of the criminal justice and social sciences fields and who bring those real-world experiences and connections to their teaching and mentoring of students.

Active, immersive learning is at the core of all our School’s programs. Our Experiential Learning Center facilitates realistic crime scene analysis, addictions counseling and criminal interviewing. All of our students participate in professional internships – from local police departments, to mental health organizations, to our Washington Center semester in D.C. We’ve pioneered a leading-edge 法医心理学 Lab, engaging our students and further establishing our leadership in the field.

犯罪行为, 国土安全, 到成瘾咨询, the School of Criminal Justice & 社会科学 is equipping students with the competencies and 21st-century skills to succeed in a complex and diverse world.

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